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REVIEW: Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash - Elemi & Orange

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On my search for natural products, this brand immediately showed up on the web. It was pleasant to know that it wasn’t expensive as other natural products in the market. And hey! It’s from my motherland Philippines! Human Nature is a Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment company. The raw materials they use are available locally so they won’t need to source it abroad. This helps our local farmers and our country’s economy. They make sure that their products are of good quality and don’t harm our environment. PETA awarded this brand “Cruelty-Free Company" certificate because they’re against animal testing.

This facial wash is one of the first products from the brand I’ve bought to try. I was still digging the citrus goodness from Avalon Organics that’s why I got this one. It has orange in it somehow. XD

What it claims:


This boasts that its free from said harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES and synthetic fragrances.


It’s in a basic clear plastic bottle so you could already see how the product itself looks (bamboo scrubs!) and how much of it is left. This bottle is said to be environment-friendly. It’s a PET bottle, the most recycled kind of plastic. I saw on their website that you could return the empty bottles to them and they’ll sell it to help support communities. Expiration date is indicated on the bottle.


This doesn’t smell like those of Avalon Organics’ Vit C range where fresh orange is more pronounced. The smell has hint of herbs like most organic products but with lesser intensity. Mind you, this was one of the very few facial washes I could stand to use when I had a weird-sensitive-nose phase.


Look at those green and white scrubs! Seems scary but it's not! It's gentle.
This is targeted for people with oily or combination skin. Most of the products addressing the oily problem are overly drying making our skin oilier! Eew! Well, not with this one! I like it because it definitely does its job on cleaning my face minus the tight feeling after washing.

I like the sort of gel consistency. I shake it before usage because the scrub particles get to the bottom part of the bottle. The scrubby stuff is okay. It’s not as harsh as St. Ives scrubs I’ve tried. You just use facial scrubs two to three times a week. But for this product, they say this is safe for everyday use that’s why I use it every night. I use a different cleanser in the morning.

I noticed that my skin is softer and smoother after every wash. I think it kinda helped on making my comedones less visible.

I got this for 199.75PHP (200ml) from Shopwise. They also have trial size for 79.75php (50ml). It is also available in Beauty Bar, Landmark and from authorized dealers.

Would I still buy and recommend it?
Yes, especially for those with oily or combination skin. I think it’s a cheap yet effective product for a natural facial wash.

See you in my next post lovelies!

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